This is The 7 Types of Sports That can be Done at Home

  1. Jogging

Jogging at home? Should buy a treadmill

Dont have to buy a treadmill to be jogging at home. You can do it on a patio or other. Foremost, you must have the sneakers to do this kind of exercise to optimize the movement and avoid injury.

Do jogging surrounding terrace or from the House to the patio. How many times? For the beginning you can try ten times, then increase to 15, 20, 25 times every two days.

  1. Skipping

Nostalgia! When the school first, always skipping routine I do even at home though. Unfortunately, now it rarely I see people do this type of sports on this one.

Cardio exercises with a rope (skipping rope) are familiar with all people of all ages, from children to adults. Do this exercise be fun with jumpstyle ride.

  1. Gymnastics floor

Ish, it sounds so yesterday yak but doesn’t get me wrong, this one sport again hits a lot!

Standard floor gymnastics can be done such as push-ups, sit-ups, back-up. Well, now it’s the longer Copper is planking. This Planking shape style push-ups on hold. Even the planking is challenged him lot. To test his, you can see on Instagram with #plankingchallenge.

I’ve started doing the planking, Indeed new day four but fun. Felt this body weight. Hahaha * lol … But, I am encouraged to complete this challenge planking.

The benefits of this floor to form the body especially the abdomen, buttocks and train the body’s resilience. Don’t forget, lightly coat the floor with mattresses to reduce the risk of injury, Yes.

  1. Aerobics

Aerobics at home? Are you kidding me? No, I’m not!

This kind of exercise can be done by yourself at home. Here’s how? You can follow the movements of aerobics from the DVD sold at sports shop or download it from youtube.

Don’t forget to wear sports shoes, Yes.

  1. Yoga

Types of sports that this one is also more hits. Everywhere we can see yoga poses that make us interested in doing so.

You can do yoga at home by downloading the application on your phone. I’ve done it. The apps that I download are DAILY YOGA in iOS. There, you will be led to do yoga as you wish. I chose basic. And his challenge for ten days.

Unfortunately, only nine days I do it. Why? Being Lazy! * hiks

Doing yoga is so fun for me because it turns out that the body is already substantial and hard to any balanced! Hahaha … And the pose that we often see that turned out to do his studies easily. I felt it!

I am most fond of the time of the last session of yoga where to perform the position on his back, by doing breathing and emptying the mind. Tastes fresh! Serasa loads off.

But, my suggestion to already do yoga at home, it’s good you met first with yoga instructor, learn essential breathing with her. Then, you do at home.

  1. Pilates

Types of sports are still one level below his hits size yoga. I always have never done it. You can do pilates at home by looking at his movement on youtube by experts. But, again the suggestion from I read, it’s worth also consulting with a pilates instructor in advance, so you can understand the muscles next to anywhere that needs to get pressure when performing the movement.

  1. Dance

This is the kind of sport that is so much fun to do at home. The Agency could snake follow the beat of the song without the need to be shy or uneasy with the views of the people. Wong channeled at home and yourself. Hehehe … Guaranteed, doing this kind of exercise any kids surely love.

The dance that you can do such as Zumba, dance, flamenco or interested in trying out another movement, try pole dancing!

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