This Healthy Nutritious Foods for Your Skin

“The skin of a lot of reflecting about what you eat.” That statement is indeed true is, because many studies have proved it. If you love to eat-food is oily, then your skin will inevitably experience the acne. As for the usual eat-healthy foods, then it can be seen from their skin healthy and glowing. For that, make it a habit of eating healthy foods, if you want the skin looks brighter and healthier.

  • Walnut/Walnut

This is a kind of magic beans is loaded with the benefits of healthy fatty acids and minerals. The walnut provides a lot of the Omega 3 will help to cleanse your skin from blemishes or black specks. Eating a handful of nuts each week to get the best results.

  • Yogurt

Contains many proteins, vitamins, and calcium, all of which would constitute a perfect ingredient for fighting skin wrinkles. If you’re in the program decreased a weight loss, regular intake of yogurt will ensure a naturally radiant skin and finely textured. Yogurt also helps for digestion of food in the stomach, which is essential for skin health.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate will not only make your skin to be super smooth but will also protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Dark Chocolate works by increasing blood flow to the surface and keeping it to stay hydrated. Dark chocolate is chocolate the most options contain cocoa.

  • Green tea

If you suffer from a few problems on your skin, sipping green tea per day will give you surprising results. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, which will nourish skin from within. It is recommended to switch from drinking tea or coffee to green tea in a few days, and you will immediately notice the difference.

  • Grain seeds

Grain seeds are useful for removing toxins from the body. Thus it will also clean your skin. Include whole grains into the diet and You, and you will soon see an increase in better digestion. Many products that contain entire grains markets, such as biscuits and bread. Even rice, wheat grain is also included.

  • Strawberry

Strawberry Fruit such as strawberries are a high source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that acts as an agent for anti-aging, as well as helps skin to recover from damage caused by UV rays. Strawberries also contain alpha hydroxy acids – that will help the surface to remove dead skin cells. Eating this delicious fruit that will extend the life of Your skin cells.

  • Almonds

Almond is an excellent source of vitamin E, which will protect your skin from sun damage, and maintain the elasticity of the skin. In the form of raw almonds can be added into Your breakfast cereal. If you don’t like to chew nuts, then the almond milk is a good alternative for you.

  • Carrots

Carrots contain vitamin A which will promote skin repair. If you have sensitive skin, then carrots can help prevent blemishes, rashes, and dermatitis. Eat raw carrots or carrot juice, and then your surface will be soft and hydrated, smooth.

  • Salmon

salmon contains healthy fatty acids such as omega 3, which will protect your skin from the Sun’s rays, helps maintain healthy skin cells and reduce inflammation. If you want to overcome the clogged pores, eating salmon is a tasty way to eliminate your problem.

  • Eggs

Eggs are food that is usually incorporated into the breakfast menu. Eggs are rich in proteins that regenerate body cells, as well as keeping your skin looking younger for years.

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