Sports Tips For Pregnant Young body condition while pregnant

Do you know a young pregnant at the time, the quality of the fetus they contain is determined by the intake of the nutrients consumed in pregnant women. Therefore, the fetal organs, like the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, bone, and so on are formed at the beginning of the trimester. However, in the beginning, usually a trimester pregnancy pregnant women experience the symptoms of morning sickness, which is often nausea-vomiting, and appetite is gone.

Even if you feel uncomfortable, don’t let you dissolve in such a condition. You have to keep eating to get the nutrition intake and nutrition for mom fetus. If you are negligent in maintaining the state of the body and the fetus, not directly you will affect your health and the fetus in the womb.

The complaint is experienced while pregnant Young

Due to hormonal changes in the body, the pregnant woman easily feels tired. So do not make excessive activities. For example, if before conceiving everyday life pregnant women filled with mild action, for example, work indoors. Then, when expectant mothers do not do events that are too heavy, so the excess muscle requires work such as fieldwork

At this time in the article, we will discuss the various complaints frequently felt by pregnant women, as follows:

  1. Nausea, vomiting and no appetite

Emesis gravidarum (nausea and vomiting in pregnancy) commonly occur in mothers who are pregnant. The HCG hormone activity has a role in helping pregnant women maintain the pregnancy until placenta function flawlessly thus leading to nausea, vomiting and no appetite. Complaints of nausea, vomiting and no appetite will improve upon pregnant women entering pregnancy age is 16 weeks.

  1. Hot and cold, malaise

When pregnant women get into the 2nd trimester, he will often feel hot and cold and unwell. An increased amount of blood flow at the surface of the skin caused due to hormonal changes giving rise to the condition of the body that is uncomfortable all day.

  1. Hot or steamy

It is often perceived at the time of entry to the third trimester. Expectant mothers will continue to feel the heat to sweat. Try to dress loose and comfortable to absorb sweat.

  1. Cravings

There is no harm in fulfilling the wishes of the mother an unhealthy need, for which desirable is the food was not only tasty but also healthy and beneficial.

  1. Angry, upset, sad or sudden

Mood changes are often experienced by pregnant women Slama process of her pregnancy. These changes cause the juice of jumbled from an expectant mother against her pregnancy. Sometimes feeling like this is also expressed on the nearest person (husband and family members).

  1. Vaginal discharge

Although it is often maintained pregnant women, however, should be wary. But the all-white to look out for, especially Although not accompanied by itching and odor. Sometimes vaginal discharge resulting in an infection that can cause amniotic membranes to rupture prematurely as well as premature birth.

  1. out of the liquid on the mammary glands

Juice (breast milk) is much needed by the colostrum the baby. Colostrum just out when reaching age 32 weeks of pregnancy, but sometimes there’s a new one out as after childbirth. Changes in the body during pregnancy mostly causes complaints experienced during pregnancy.

  1. Frequent urination

The occurrence of these complaints because of the presence of an emphasis on urinary pouch by the head or buttocks. This is perfectly normal and okay to be felt on the pregnancy of fewer than 16 weeks and 32 weeks of pregnancy on the above. Need to look out for when your pee is accompanied by a sense of mastery when no urination, pains/heat on the urinary hole, felt abdominal pain lower, hectic and low back pain. It is possible that turned out to be pregnant already Serena urinary tract infections.

  1. The Cramps-toned in the Hug or stomach

Sometimes these contractions will disappear when pregnant women take a walk. To look out for when this contraction frequently occurs and in complement with the discharge of blood or water from the road. Maybe this is a sign of labor has already started.

  1. Bloating and constipation

Sometimes this can trigger Malaya of pregnant women to eat a lot. It can also cause bowel movements become slower. The slow motion of the bowel may cause gastric emptying disorders

To look out for when the feeling of bloating, nausea and excessive length on the second and third trimester, as it can be a symptom of hepatitis, ill and impediments in Stomach bile.

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