Safe Fruits Consumed by Sufferers of Stroke

Safe fruits consumed by stroke sufferers ~ Stroke is a condition that occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly interrupted. In brain tissue, the lack of blood flow causes a series of biochemical reactions, which can harm or dying nerve cells in the brain. The death of brain tissue can cause loss of function which is controlled by that network. If it can be saved, sometimes sufferers experiencing paralysis in the limbs, loss of some memory or the ability of speech.

Consumption of fruits is indeed healthy. But for patients with specific diseases, sometimes fruit that had been healthy thus instead because of a recurrence of the disease. For those of you stroke sufferers, nuts below is a fruit that is safe for consumption.

  1. Banana

There have been many articles that discuss banana can prevent about stroke I will consider it a bit here. Three bananas per day can reduce the risk of stroke. According to research conducted by the American College of Cardiology, we need 1,600 mg of potassium to prevent stroke and bananas had 500 mg of potassium. Potassium can prevent blood clots that cause the onset of a stroke. By consuming three bananas per day can lower the risk of the occurrence of stroke by as much as 21%, available right? Hehe. Don’t worry about some previous studies that say that bananas can even increase the risk of the occurrence of stroke, recent studies that test the overall study 11 found that bananas can lower the risk of stroke about his fifth.

  1. range And Kiwi

Citrus fruit and kiwi have a high content of vitamin C, citrus 100gram 54mg contains vitamin C, and 100gram kiwi 100gram also includes vitamin c. Nuts contain the high antioxidant, lutein, potassium, and beta-carotene and are suitable for sufferers stroke and very good for controlling blood pressure.

  1. Date palm

It turns out the nutrient content which is contained in the date palm is very high, including 100 g of dates containing 50 IU of vitamin A, tannin 0.09 mg, as well as potassium 666mg. Meanwhile, thiamine is essential for nerve cells, and the normal function of nerves keep niacin.

  1. Wine

The wine has a rich nutrient content, in addition to his meat contains potassium seeds contain endungeoned substances Collagen amplifier, pycnogenol can bend blood vessels (anti-aging) which means indirectly prevents the occurrence of stroke. Even grape skins are also very rich in flavonoids, namely a substance able to banish the free radicals because grape skins contain anti-oxidants higher than vitamin c.

  1. Watermelon

The ability of cholesterol that sticks to oxidize the watermelon in blood vessel walls that is associated with a decreased risk of or prevention of heart attack and stroke.

  1. Mango

In addition to vitamin C, the mango is also rich in potassium. There is abundant potassium in mango. Every 100 grams of potassium contained mango 189 mg. By consuming a minimal size harumanis mango (minimum 250 grams), or a medium-size the big mango(200-250 g), adequacy of potassium as much as 400 mg per day can be fulfilled.

  1. The mangosteen rind

Anyone who thinks there is mangosteen in skin antioxidant content is very high and serve to counteract the free radicals and blood flow, which is one cause of a stroke is due to a blockage of the blood. As in Ace Maxs made from the extract of mangosteen rind and soursop leaf.

The mangosteen rind as the main ingredient of Herbal Medicine Stroke Ace Maxs does have many positive benefits and to treat a variety of ailments, but the content of the mangosteen rind that is efficacious for treating stroke including different substance chemical called xanthone. Xanthone as antioxidants that can only be found in mangosteen rind of this quality is proven to be better than the Vit C and e. the workings of xanthone in the body is to cleanse the blood of redundant substances which are detrimental to the body such as, cholesterol, blood sugar, fat, free radicals, and other chemical substances. It can restore the body to its best condition. Due to the womb that then the mangosteen rind is used as an ingredient of Herbal Medicine Stroke Max Ace first.

While the soursop leaves also have content that is as good as the mangosteen rind but the material of the soursop leaves used to treat stroke of which is usable to acetogenins overcame a sore heart, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and platelets, also

widen the blood vessels and streamline blood circulation. Drug

Herbal stroke ace max is also rich in minerals potassium which helps the metabolism


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