How Many Cups of Coffee is a Day Good for Health?

Quoted from NPR, a study of the issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests that coffee consumption more than 28 cups per week — an average of 4 cups per day — is the excessive portion, at least for those of you who are younger than 55 years (by a factor of that limit is smoking)

Researchers found that young adult men who consume more than 28 cups of coffee per week have an increased risk of death against all causes (heart problems, high blood pressure, etc.) as much as 56 percent. While women are heavy coffee drinkers, have a chance more than double the risk of death. A cup of coffee is defined as 8 ounces (240 ml) of coffee. Meanwhile, studies show that consumption of the same height on the seniors did not show any influence. This study showed that inhaling two to three cups of coffee per day still belongs to the boundaries of natural and healthy, and perhaps bring in a profit.
The Huffington Post cited five separate studies — the journal PLOS ONE, NCBI, Nature, and NRC Research — all of which supports the above theory. Each study found that the health benefits of coffee, ranging from managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (including obesity and hypertension in men); fight free radicals and encourages new cell growth; decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, and neurodegenerative diseases, along with the fall in the risk of death from these diseases; sharpening your long-term memory; to support the sports performance and durability of the body. The red thread: this benefit you can achieve if limiting the consumption of coffee is only 2-3 cups per day.
But, again you have to remember, listen to your body. If you concentrate on the life on one glass coffee to be able to function normally, then you no longer enjoy it — thus will be mired in the dangerous health risks. You will only spoil the balance of your life. As a productive human being, you will need sufficient sleep, reduce stress, eat better, and control the intake of caffeine.
Healthy coffee, do not use sugar
Coffee is no longer a healthy choice if Your cup of warm drinks loaded with sugar. If you prefer the favorite coffee drink labeled cream, sugar, syrup, and whipped cream, then risk the health dangers of coffee will beat the value of benefits.
It’s not just the calories that have brought down here, but these drinks get most of their calories from sugar cane and corn syrup high fructose content (also, the milk fat). Simple sugars such as these have been associated with some metabolic disorders and thought to have contributed to the origins of heart disease and other severe medical conditions.
Each one, an extra spoon sweetener in a coffee, can increase surplus calories which is responsible for developing the fat cells. For example, a cup of vanilla latte contains 150 calories, sounds trivial, but with the addition of so much sugar and syrup, extra calories every day is beyond what the body needs to support your ideal body weight, and thus Add 5-7 kg weight the next time You weigh.

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