High fiber-containing foods

The both is a type of fiber, insoluble Fiber of this type are not soluble in water, an insoluble fiber that means going through the process of digestion in intact. Insoluble fibers useful carry food through the digestive system, so it is beneficial to prevent constipation. Source of fiber insoluble include Brown rice, beans, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
Children and adults need at least 20 to 30 grams of fiber per day to maintain their health. The tissues can be obtained from the fruit, vegetable, kind of nuts, seeds, and some bulbs.

Benefits and functions of fiber

Maintaining digestive health. This is the most recognized fiber’s benefits, namely maintaining digestive health. Healthy digestion is the starting point of our overall health. Conversely, if our digestive process is interrupted then the range of dangerous diseases can also be present in our body.

Lowering cholesterol. Besides being beneficial to the digestive system of the body, fiber is also useful for blocking cholesterol desperately dangerous entry into the bloodstream. Uncontrolled cholesterol content is the main the cause of the of heart disease and stroke.

Prevent cancer. Research has shown that the fiber can prevent disease cancer with expedited the movement of food in the digestive tract. Some types of cancer that can be avoided by consuming lots of fibrous foods is colon cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer.

Weight control. The fibers are often utilized for dieters to help them lose weight. Very useful indeed thread to prevent constipation that became the cause of belly.

Prevent diabetes. Diabetes is one of the diseases that can be prevented by consuming food fibrous. The high fiber content in the foods that we consume can help lower blood sugar levels which in turn will reduce the risk of diabetes. Also, the decrease in blood sugar levels of diabetes patients is also beneficial.

Banana fruit. The banana is a fruit that is very tasty and has many benefits for health. This fruit contains high calories so that less demand for dieters, but on the other hand the bananas also contain high in fiber so it can help you control your weight. Also, a banana is also enriched with potassium, a mineral essential for lowering high blood pressure.

Papaya fruit. Papaya is an excellent food for waging a bowel movement, this is because papayas contain fiber and water is quite high. This tropical fruit is often used as a menu of a healthy diet because besides high in fiber also provides many essential nutrients to the body.  Try to consume papaya regularly so that you avoid digestive problems such as constipation.

Broccoli. Broccoli cruciferous vegetables are kind of and are one of the most nutritious food on planet Earth. Broccoli-laden nutrients such as loaded, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, vitamin B, potassium, iron, and manganese. Broccoli is also a vegetable regarding its antioxidant content, and the antioxidant is a critical component to counteract free radicals that cause cancer. For the size of the green, broccoli is also relatively high in protein compared with most plants. Fiber: 2.4 grams per Cup, or 2.6 grams per 100 grams.

Apples. Add the apples to a healthy daily menu can help you meet the needs of fiber.  This fruit has a fine texture that is easily digested by the body. Apple is also enriched with pectin that is beneficial to reduce cholesterol in the body. One medium-sized Apple contains 4.4 grams of fiber. Besarta Konsumsilah Apple Peel to get more benefits, but you must select organic apples to avoid the danger of pesticides.

Oatmeal. Replace with oatmeal breakfast menu could be a way to increase your intake of fiber daily.  Because of their high content of soluble fiber, cereal is one of the best foods to lower cholesterol. Also, the grain is also a source of minerals and energy, so you’ll feel energetic all day. Consuming cereal on a regular basis will also reduce a variety of gastrointestinal problems including a painful chapter.

Avocado fruit. This fruit is very popular, especially for beauty treatments. But sadly how people assume if avocado not well consumed for dieters because it contains high in fat. It is indeed true, but most of the fat in the avocado is a suitable type of fat that positively impact health. Not to mention the avocado also contains high in fiber which is undoubtedly very good used as a fruit for a healthy diet. In 1 cup avocado provides approximately 10.5-gram fiber.

The berry family. There will be no interminable if speaks of the benefits of this fruit. Berry is an excellent source of nutrients, including minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. There are many variant berries, but almost all of them provide high-fiber included strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry. Do not stop until there is, the blackberry is also rich in vitamin K which is closely associated with increased bone density, while the content of manganese in raspberry can be utilized to support skin health, and blood sugar levels.

Cabbage. Cabbage is packed with a variety of essential nutrients including fiber and antioxidants are crucial. One cup of cooked cabbage provides about a quarter of your daily fiber needs. Cabbage can be added in many processed foods such as meatballs, soup, and chicken soup, so you don’t need to worry to get the fiber of him.

Asparagus. Asparagus is known to provide relief to protect someone from diseases of prostate cancer because it contains high likopen. Also, likopen asparagus also provides other essential nutrients such as vitamin A, which is very helpful for the immune system and the health of the eyes. While the fiber in asparagus is useful in reducing cholesterol and maintaining heart health. Asparagus also contains protein and iron where both are essential ingredients to create red blood cells.

Greece Yogurt. All types of yogurt provide a lot of fiber, but the Greek yogurt generally contains carbohydrates, sugar, and salt over a bit, so everyone consumes the good. Also, it also provides a natural probiotic yogurt that can suppress the growth of bacteria in the gut, so detrimental to the health of your digestion will be adequately maintained.

Pear-shaped. Almost the same as apples, pears are also the foods high in fiber, but the fruit has its advantages compared with apples because of it too dense with water.  Water and fiber are urgently needed by the digestive system to simplify the process of disposal of waste from the body.  The high fiber content of PEAR is also useful in preventing diabetes by way of lowering blood sugar levels naturally.

Brown rice. Bersa red very richly insoluble fiber content, thus making it an excellent food to lose weight. The fiber in brown rice help relieves constipation and bowel movements. Per one cup of brown rice contains 3.5 grams of fiber or approximately 14% of your daily fiber needs. If you need a blood booster foods, Brown rice may also be an option because it is enriched with iron.


In addition to high folic acid is good for pregnant women, lentils also provide abundant enough fiber. Per one cup of lentils provides at least 10.4 grams fiber.

Corn. Corn is a food source of fiber which is good because, on the other hand, it is also low in sugar. The corn into the food recommended for diabetics as a substitute for white rice. The content, as well as the height of the corn, can help control blood sugar in people with diabetes and reduce the risk of diabetes disease for ordinary people. In 12 ounces of corn contains about 4 grams of fiber (16% DV), 171 calories.

Almonds. Some kinds of nuts like Almonds generally contain high in fiber, so it is perfect for controlling blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Not to mention in the almonds also include the right type of fat that is helpful with maintaining heart health how to help lower bad cholesterol. One ounce of peanuts almond provides approximately 3.5 grams fiber.

Soy. This food is an excellent source of vegetable protein substitute red meat. For those who are losing weight should incorporate soy into their diets menu because a portion of food is deficient in calories and high in fiber. Soy helps us satiated longer because the fiber and protein in it are capable of nourishing your body from the inside so that it is not easy to make us hungry.

Mango fruit. Mango is one of the fruits that are useful to launch chapters. This fruit has a sweet taste and the many benefits for health, mainly because of the content of the fibers. Mango fruits are often used as a refresher as it contains high water and dietary fiber. One cup of sliced mango provides 12% of your daily fiber needs. Also, the mango is also enriched with antioxidants and over 20 different vitamins and minerals.

The potatoes. The potato is dense food with fiber. The potato has no fat content, sodium or cholesterol, plus more food provides 45% vitamin C, an amount high enough to Tuber size. In addition to the fiber and vitamin C, the potatoes turned out to also have higher potassium content of bananas. This is very surprising given the banana is known as a significant source of potassium. To maximize the benefits of potatoes, it’s not presenting it in the form of fried because calories in potatoes would be high the more.

Okra. The food of this one may be a little unfamiliar in the ears of people Indonesia because okra comes from Africa area. However, Okra is well known in European countries, America, and China. These foods will be excellent nutritional value including calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, C, K, protein, and fiber. One cup of okra sufficient nearly a third of your daily fiber needs.

Whole Wheat. Wheat became one of the staple food in the country of Europe and America, and it is not in spite of its high content of fibers. The fiber in whole wheat will be gradually absorbed by the body so that it is not easy to make us hungry. If you’re live diet, switch to whole wheat to help launch your digestion.

The fruit of sapodilla fruit. Chrysophyllum is a delicious fruit, which contains high fiber. It is also very watery fruit that can cleanse the digestive tract. Sawo consumes on a regular basis will help you resolve the problem of constipation.

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