Four The Best Time to Eat

The activity of eating (eating) looks simple and easy. In fact, not the case. Wrong time eat alone can be fatal. Especially for individuals who want to lose weight.

There are those who deliberately skip breakfast, do not eat any food after exercise for fear of piles of calories again. The best time to eat can be a tricky question to answer.

Here’s the best mealtime as quoted from the website of the Times of India, Thursday (5/11/2015)

  1. Breakfast

– Eat 30 minutes after waking up

– The ideal time for lunch is 07:00

– Delaying breakfast slowest 10:00

– Make sure that the place source of protein for breakfast every day.

  1. Lunch

– An ideal lunch-time is 12:45

– Keep a gap of 4 hours between breakfast and lunch

– Do not delay more than dinner hour afternoon 04:00

  1. Dinner

– The ideal time before 07:00

– There must be a gap of 3 hours between dinner and bedtime

– Do not delay more than minutes 10:00 night

– Eat close to bedtime can disrupt sleep quality

  1. Food for exercise

– Never load, exercise, especially when the stomach is empty.

– Before practices eat bread contains chicken, tuna, milk, or eggs scrambled.


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