7 Smoothie Blend of Healthy Fruit and Vegetable

The number of healthy food and drink that is now the Central trend, smoothies became one of the most popular dishes and eaten many activists on the pattern of healthy living. The rich content of nutrients with the glut of portions to be one of the reason. In addition to nourishing, also delicious and refreshing smoothies. With the addition of low-fat milk or yogurt as a compliment, smoothies became one of the many diet alternative menus created. When more people get to know during this smoothie with a base material in the form of fruit, apparently some of the vegetables can also be combined into a delicious smoothie. Call it the carrot, mustard greens, until cucumbers which will make the smoothie into a more healthy dishes and of course refreshing. Thus, the combination of fruit and vegetables a suitable any processed into the smoothie?

He’s a smoothie fruit and vegetable recommendations that can be made as a drink of fresh nan healthy at home.


  1. strawberries and cauliflower

Not only is presented in the form of soup or stir-fry, but cauliflower fit also created as a smoothie. The content of phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins in Cauliflower will supplement his nutritional content. Just freeze the cauliflower and strawberries, then blend together milk or yogurt. The taste of green smoothie will give a refreshing sensation.


  1. Carrot orange

carrot Orange and want to make a smoothie without extra sugar? Just add a few pieces of carrot mixture into fruit. The natural sweetness of the carrot will make richer smoothie flavors. Combined with citrus fruit and low-fat milk, carrot smoothie can be alternative nutritious, healthy meals nourish eyes and maintain immunity.


  1. Blackberry and Purple cabbage

Colors a beautiful purple cabbage turns can make a smoothie look increasingly attractive. Not only attractive, it feels too unique and indeed nourishes. Cabbage believed to lower the risk of cancer because of the content of flavonoids and sulfur which is quite high. With the addition of fresh fruit such as blueberries, guaranteed this smoothie will make you addicted.


  1. Blueberry and spinach

For those who want to improve natural skin health, try to consume a smoothie made from spinach. Contains vitamins A and C, spinach smoothie function to produce collagen that keeps skin becomes more supple. Mixed with blueberries, spinach smoothie not only refreshes the throat but also able to moisturize dry skin.


  1. Banana and zucchini

Have long been known as a vegetable with fresh flavors. Also, the character of the zucchini that is not too obtrusive particularly suitable combined in one smoothie drinks. Mix zucchini with creamy flavors of bananas will produce fresh at the same time. Not only good, but zucchini can also refresh the throat as well as lowering blood pressure.


  1. Berry and fruit bits

Although classified into types of tubers, fruit bits fit processed into the smoothie because it tastes tend to be bland. Combined with a variety of fruit flavors, berry fruit smoothie bit will feel fresher. In addition to refreshing the body, and nitrate content of Kolin in the fruit bit is also believed to lower blood pressure and improve brain health.


  1. Banana, Apple, and rucola leaves

Rucola leaves may be a little unfamiliar in the ears of people Indonesia. Coming from the Mediterranean region, this goes processed as mixed salads, burgers or pizza topping. Not only transformed into heavy meals but the fresh taste of rucola apparently also suitable processed into smoothies. Combine Leafs rucola with bananas and apples can be a bitter flavor to mask the souls leaves rucola. To make it more delicious, don’t forget to add the sweet vanilla milk creamy comfort. Rucola leaves itself contains high antioxidants which help launch the detoxification process, so that the body becomes more refreshed and energized.

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