5 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water for Health

The warm water has many benefits that are not known by many people. The known benefits of warm water are just like regular water, i.e., to remove the thirst in the body. The benefits of drinking warm water not only that but many more other benefits are not yet known, especially in the field of health.

The benefits of drinking warm water in the health field very much at all. Warm water is good liquid is colorless, odorless and also not felt. Pure and warm water is better for your health than with water that’s been mixed with sugar. Healthy water is warm water clear, pure, and of course, it’s been through the process of ripening so that germs and bacteria in it is dead.

In addition to the pure warm water, warm water mixed with some fresh lemon juice could increasingly nourish the body. To address the specific conditions of warm water can be combined with other ingredients. The benefits of drinking warm water are as follows:

  1. Create a Weight decrease.

Warm water could be useful to make the metabolism in the body to be healthy. For health, consuming warm water could cause the ideal body weight. As for who want to lose weight, warm water mixed with some fresh lemon juice to lose weight can even make a few pounds. The trick is as follows:

  • Time of the morning, you can start your activity with a glass of warm water.

Don’t forget to mix the juice of a lemon. Use the tea strainer lemon seed did not participate so that entry into the water.

Do not eat first for 15 minutes to warm water mixed with the juice of the lemon reacts.

The workings of warm water juice of lemon juice lemon water this will break down fat to accumulate in the tissues of the body that exists in some parts of the organ. Especially at the arms, thighs, and stomach also.


  1. Dampen the itching in the throat.

When you cough, of course, you feel that your throat is very scratchy and hoarse. It is because in your throat there is a viral cough that causes itching. Drink a glass of warm water can relieve the itch in your throat. A sense of warmth from the water can neutralize the virus coughs in the throat.


  1. Relieve the nose and throat.

When exposed to coughs and colds, a person will feel discomfort in the nose and throat as well. For coughs, throat phlegm so will be filled with phlegm. So these could clog the throat of phlegm. A runny nose also accompanies coughing. When a cold nose would be clogged with mucus. Moments like that, you need warm water. Warm water can relieve you from the nose and throat of phlegm and mucus also. Warm water serves as a natural antibiotic so it can alleviate the nose and throat.


  1. Natural Detox.

Warm water can be beneficial to the process of natural detox for the body. Rehab is the proper way to remove the toxins in our body. Many toxins are stored in the intestines, and the cause is as follows:

  • Intestinal digestive organs which are traversed by the food has been digested. Poison or vapors of the body much generated from cooking.

Unhealthy foods (fatty, greasy, high cholesterol, high in preservatives, dyes and artificial sweeteners) will also be digested and passes on to the intestines.

The body could not absorb unhealthy foods, so their toxicity can attach to the intestine. Detok useful for removing toxins especially toxins in the pipes through sweat, urine, and feces as well.

  • If not expelled the virus can cause a variety of diseases. The worst disease the result of toxins that accumulate in the intestine is bowel cancer.

To perform a one-time cost expensive detoxification, but must also be coupled with ancillary products expenses a toxin. Now you can do a free and natural detox. That is by using warm water. How to do a detox using warm water are as follows:

  • Drink warm water when waking up, try to let your body become sweaty afterward.
  • Drink warm water before you sleep, try to give the body also sweating. If warm water is not yet able to make the moist, add little hot water.
  • When the body sweating, it indicates if your body temperature is on the rise.
  • When the temperature of the body increases the toxins will be issued through the sweat, the rest will be expelled through the urine and stool. Do it on a regular basis so that the poison could be wasted.
  • No virus in the gut could avoid the risk of developing cancer of the colon. Especially cancer of the colon and colorectal.

Maximum results could be added with some lemon juice and honey.


  1. Help Bowel Movement

Bowel movement will be smooth if you consume warm water. Warm water can prevent you from excessive thirst or dehydration. If you lack a liquid and dehydrated, you can get constipated. People affected by constipation will feel the pain when the Chapter and also cause pain. The exact time for the CHAPTER is a time of the morning. Try to drink warm water when you wake up, and it is because when the morning your stomach empty conditions. Warm water which you drink to prevent dehydration and saris outline food sticking in the digestive organs. Warm water can also make food particles softer. Food particles that make bowel movements more elastic became more smoothly.

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